My new book What Does Good Look Like? has just been released on Amazon. 

The book is ideal for anyone that is fed up with firefighting and realising that their day-to-day operations don’t align with the vision for the business.

And, for any business that is struggling to create a meaningful operational vision that their staff can follow this book has some practical strategies to correct that issue too.

The reason that I wrote the book was that too many businesses fail to articulate what good looks like to their teams and then complain that they don’t experience it. Part one of the book is all about articulating what good looks like for your business and part two is about putting the change into action.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle formats currently. Other formats (including iTunes, Scribd, Kobo etc…) will be following in the New Year.

To get hold of your copy of the book please visit Amazon and choose the format that suits you best.

Enjoy reading,


Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer who consults with businesses to improve their on time delivery performance, ERP system performance and deploy Kaizen / Lean production methods. Giles is also the author of 'What Does Good Look Like?'.