Consulting Services

I offer my clients improvement project services, aimed primarily at:

Improving on time delivery performance.
Supporting ERP system implementations.
Increasing productivity.
Designing and implementing management systems (including ISO 9001).

I work on both fixed priced work and retainer based programmes.

Below are some of the testimonials I have received.

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I am proud of the projects I have worked on. I am also pleased that I have a great track record of happy clients.

Below are some of my favourite testimonials that I have received, since 2005.

Trevor Pringle

Quality Manager

Multi-Lab Limited

Towards the end of 2019, Multi-Lab Limited engaged the services of Smartspeed Consulting Limited to assist us with a major overhaul to our production planning system.

Our aim at the outset was to simplify the process and better understand the workings of what we had.

Further to these initial objectives, maintaining the focus on delivery on time, engaging the workforce and visualizing the performance goals were critical to the success of the project.

Giles very quickly got to grips with what was needed. His style is very much hands on, understanding your needs, target setting and completion of the various tasks that came up during the commission.

We firmly believe our organization has greatly benefitted from the guidance and expertise that Giles brings with him and would have no reservations in fully recommending the services of Smartspeed Consulting.

Mark Podmore

Managing Director

Ford Aerospace Limited

Smartspeed assisted Ford in creating an effective Production Control system that has really improved performance and assisted in the company’s growth and development.

Utilisation, output has improved by 20% and quality issues have reduced by 40%.

Real measurable improvements from a no nonsense cost effective service. Highly recommended.

Christopher Vinnicombe

Assistant Engineer

DB Regio

Giles was brought in by my organisation to help optimise a project programme that was not running as efficiently or effectively as we believed possible.

Giles’ work helped map out the work streams involved, by gaining a full understanding of timescales involved with all planned tasks as part of the project. Giles then also quantified all of the unplanned tasks that were being carried out.

Giles then took all of this information, and presented us with options as to how all of the various parts of the project could better fit together, whilst also minimising waste and slack in the project.

The most impressive thing about Giles’ report and recommendations, is that he presented realistic and achievable options, with practical explanations of exactly how his recommendations could be implemented, in plain and easy to understand terms.

Importantly, we implemented Giles’ recommendations, and they were effective in reducing the timescales for the project considerably.

I strongly recommend Giles for work involving optimisation of project or production processes.

Gary Thirlwell

Managing Director

Express Engineering Ltd

Giles from Smartspeed grasped what we were trying to do from the first meeting.

The methodical approach, structure and mentoring that he brought to our project allowed our improvement engineer to complete the tasks quickly and effectively.

Alex Hayward

Managing Director

Phusion IM Ltd

Giles has a practical and pragmatic approach to implementing CI within organisations. He trained our Operations and Production team members on the principles of CI and coached the teams through the early stages of implementing our own CI process.

The workshops were well structured and our project was delivered on schedule and Giles’ relaxed approach and sense of humour made it a really positive and enjoyable experience for our team members.

CI is now embedded in our Operations and Production functions and team members have started coaching others on the principles so they can be introduced to other areas of the business. We’ve just celebrated our 100th IO (Improvement Opportunity). Most importantly, the quality and quantity of our outputs continues to increase.

Thanks Giles, it was great working with you.