Business Software

Over the past few years, Smartspeed has been involved with two specific software packages aimed at improving business performance.

Cloud ERP system

Cloud ERP Software

Giles and his colleagues at Fraction ERP have developed a streamlined ERP system for manufacturing businesses.

This is an ideal tool for your business if you:
Are a manufacturer.
Are ready to move on from spreadsheets and whiteboards.
Don't want to pay over the odds for your system.
Want to save time from walking around your factory to find out where your production orders are.
Want an easy to learn ERP system.
Realise that organising your production processes around an ERP system can drive up profit, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Task Management Software

Giles and his colleague at PDCA Complete built an online continuous improvement tool that handles daily business task management challenges too.

This is an ideal tool for your business if you:
Need to track tasks, projects, meeting actions across your teams.
Want to get rid of thirty different improvement plans and want one system to manage them all.
Wish to embrace Lean activities such as waste walking and 5S, without needing another different app from your task management app.
Need a system to help prioritise and schedule your continuous improvement opportunities.
Require a tool to digitise your key business process steps, allocating tasks and deadlines for recurring business activities.