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Welcome to the Smartspeed website.

Here you will find practical solutions and services to help your business achieve higher, consistent, on time delivery performance.

I help businesses to become more productive and more effective using tools such as Lean, business process improvement, Kaizen, ERP systems and good old fashioned operations management. If you want better results and potentially an easier life then I encourage you to take a step back, figure out what a 'smart speed' is for your business and find some tools or ideas that you can quickly apply today.

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Drive up your OTIF performance with my step by step system

If you want a proven, step by step, approach to improve the on time delivery performance of your business then purchase The OTIF Improvement System today.

This condenses years of my experience as a Production Manager and Consultant into one downloadable kit.

Convert your business vision into practical action

If you struggle to make your business vision a reality, with plans fizzling out, check out The Strategic Improvement Loop.

Based on the Hoshin Kanri approach, this step by step system is ready for you to cascade and monitor objectives with your teams today.

cause and effect thinking - losing the cape

Take control of your Lean journey

Discover practical strategies to make your business more robust and less reliant on 'super heroes'.

Think more system and less 'fire fighting' with this straightforward book 

Create a vision for your business that drives results

If the picture in your head of how your business operations should work is different to real life, then you need this book.

What Does Good Look Like? is packed full of practical strategies to define and implement your vision.

what does good look like - business visions

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Giles Johnston

Chartered Engineer, Consultant and Author of ‘Business Process Re-Engineering‘ and ‘What Does Good Look Like?

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