Many times, when working with clients, they’ll mention that their 5S programme isn’t hitting the spot.

They will have followed the five steps (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standards and Sustain) but just can’t seem to keep the gains in place and reap the rewards of an effective 5S implementation.

Are you benefitting from your 5S programme?

There are many benefits of having a good 5S implementation:

  • Improved safety in the working area.
  • Faster access to tools, files, equipment and data.
  • Improved overall performance through better organisation and discipline.
  • An ongoing conversation amongst the team that leads to countless continuous improvement opportunities.

…it certainly isn’t just about tidying up the work place!

A simple and effective approach

Over the years I have developed my own approach to improving the implementation of 5S, so that it sticks and the benefits listed above appear for my clients.

I have now compiled this approach into the product Making 5S Work and it is now available to download.

The core of the download is a short PDF guide that walks you through a recommended 5S implementation, including the 3 main tactics that I use to ensure that my clients minimise the chance of them slipping backwards and not getting the results they seek.

Templates, worksheets and more

The download also includes a PowerPoint presentation, team handout, implementation checklist and worksheets to help you implement (or a ‘final re-boot’ if required) 5S effectively.

I cover Making 5S Work with a full money back guarantee and you can purchase your copy by clicking here.

0,Making 5S Work

If you are wondering what to do with your 5S implementation and know that it could be so much more for your business then download a copy of Making 5S Work today.

If you have any questions about the approach then just drop me a line.

All the best,



Giles Johnston

Giles Johnston is a Chartered Engineer who consults with businesses to improve their on time delivery performance, ERP system performance and deploy Kaizen / Lean production methods. Giles is also the author of 'What Does Good Look Like?'.