How to deliver your continuous improvement projects even when you’re strapped for time

Discover a practical approach to managing improvement that you can implement in less than an hour!

Do you have lots of improvement ideas, but no results to show from them? Implementing change is a different beast to identifying the opportunities and the Improvement Accelerator Framework (IAF) can help you change this situation.

The IAF comes with ready to use templates, a simple management strategy and instructions to help you really fine tune this approach to help you become more effective in delivering change for your business.

If you are struggling to juggle your day to day work obligations with your need to improve your business then the IAF can help.

The IAF’s guiding principles, its evaluation approach and the project initiation document templates can help you pull this all together and take your new ideas through to successful implementation in only a few minutes a week.

Pick the right ideas using the evaluation approach and even the smallest amounts of time can start you on the journey to higher levels of business performance.

You might be wondering where the IAF came from. I currently use this approach with my clients to get them out of a stuck position (when it comes to change) and into an effective and productive ‘change machine’.

I also used the very same approach myself when I have worked in the manufacturing sector to transform business productivity and effectiveness in short periods of time (including taking a business unit from loss making to record profits in just four months).

So, what is really in it for you?

  • Regain control over your working day.
  • Become known as the ‘go to person’ for making change happen.
  • Improve the performance of your business.

Whether you see this product as a personal development tool or a business improvement methodology, it doesn’t matter. Results are what counts and the IAF can help you achieve better results faster.

To get your hands on the IAF click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and after you have completed the shopping cart page you will be able to download your copy of the IAF immediately, for just $25.

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