Making the most of process mapping

Do you get stuck with designing your future state maps?

This short how to guide, ‘Optimised Future State’, can help you and your team to adopt a very straightforward and easy to use framework that can take the guesswork out of future state mapping for your business.

Whether your process mapping is part of a Lean initiative, or is part of your existing culture, the framework presented will help you to handle the multitude of options you generate and leave you with a single distinct ‘winner’ for your business to proceed with.

The method detailed in this book will help you to convert your process maps, or current state maps, and guide you through a number of steps to support you in creating a logical, rational, best option to go forward with.

Based on real world projects

Written by an experienced business improvement consultant, this guide will help you to prepare for future state mapping sessions more effectively and can help you to develop far more effective improvement projects going forward.

The method promoted in the book is based on numerous past client projects where the clients had been stuck with where to take their future state maps to. The book covers:

  • Basic process mapping.
  • The development of map segments and success criteria.
  • A simple method to evaluate options.
  • How to re-constitute your options and create an effective action plan.

So, if you have a current state map and can’t agree with your team on what options are going to be the best for the business then buy ‘Optimised Future State’ today and see how simple developing an optimal solution can be.