Do you deliver on time?

on time delivery

On Time Delivery is an expectation of all of our customers. It is one of those hygiene factors you get with business life. Your customers expect your products to be shipped on time, just like they expect the quality to be right. When delivery performance is poor then a whole load of chaos can ensue, and this time depleting phenomenon can put your whole business on the ‘back foot’.

Read about business improvement from a ‘hands on’ perspective

This short book is a true account of the transformation of the on time delivery performance of a manufacturing business. The book was written from the perspective of the Production Manager, which Giles Johnston was when these events occurred. It would have been easy to write it from the consultant’s perspective, but recounting the struggles and victories gives a far better account of what it takes to shake up your business and achieve the on time delivery performance that everyone wants.

This book will take you on a journey, leading you through the confusion, vision, difficulties and successes of a real business improvement project. If you are going through a Lean Manufacturing transformation currently and want to get some new ideas then ‘On Time Delivery’ can provide some new insights as well as letting you know that it is OK if things aren’t working out exactly the way that you planned. They will in the end.

Read about true continuous improvement

Highlights in the book include:

  • The ‘Big Brain’ award for the Team Leader who truly made ‘continuous improvement’ mean continuous improvement.
  • The moment of epiphany when Giles realised what he could (and couldn’t) change in the business himself.
  • Learning points for each major section of the book – so you can benefit from the lessons learned during this period of change.

This is not a text book!

The ideas contained in this book are applicable to most businesses and it is hoped that you can implement similar changes into your own business. Please note that this book is not a text book, this is simply an account of a real world business transformation from the perspective of on time delivery.

Buy On Time Delivery today and start making some real changes in your own business.