Making MRP Work

Is your MRP system helping your business to reduce costs and deliver on time, or is it just creating more work for you?

Making MRP work’ is a practical guide aimed at Operations Managers and business directors who need some support with their MRP / ERP system. If you are operating an existing MRP system but feel that it could be doing more for you then this book can help you to identify the changes you need to make.

Many businesses find themselves with similar problems. Materials being ordered too late, confusion on the shop floor and spreadsheets being used rather than the system itself.

Does this sound familiar?

The sections of this book take you on a journey from the style of approach in using MRP, through the fundamentals and into the effective management of your teams to get the most from your system.

Sections of the book include:

  • Finding the workarounds that your business are using, so that you can rapidly find what needs to be improved.
  • Making the most of your demo system as a learning tool for your team.
  • Determining the system’s ‘rules’; teaching the system to think like the best members of your team.
  • Developing housekeeping tasks to keep your system working properly.
  • The practical management aspects that need to run alongside a successful MRP / ERP system.
  • And, how to create an action plan to put all of this information into use.

Easy to follow action steps

Each section concludes with action steps to help you develop your own improvement plan.

The final section of the book looks more generally at business improvement projects, with the aim of helping you to create an effective change plan for your own MRP system.

Production Control doesn’t have to be confusing!

Giles Johnston, the author of ‘Making MRP Work’, is a Chartered Engineer and Business Improvement Consultant who spends a lot of his time working with his client’s MRP / ERP systems. The ideas and advice in this book are based on practical experience, not text book theory.

If you want a workable plan to improve your business’ performance, especially how your Production Control department works, and MRP is already part of your business, then this book could provide the information and insights you are looking for.