A visual management tool to improve 5S and create effective habits

kamishibai board

Do you want to increase your effectiveness in the workplace? Do you need a visual management tool to help with day to day (repeat) task management? If so, then read on…

In this short guide, Giles Johnston, a business improvement consultant, takes you through the steps needed to implement a low / no cost solution to your day to day management problems – a Kamishibai board visual management tool.

A Kamishibai board can help to improve discipline within the workplace and ensure that your working days, weeks and months are more effective. A visual management tool like this is key to instilling the habits you need to develop and maintain productive business routines.

Great for 5S and day to day office management

Common within businesses that use ‘lean’ methods to improve efficiency and performance (and very effective to use when implementing 5S), a Kamishibai board can be used in its own right, in any kind of business, whether you are going through a lean transformation or not. If you are able to identify the repeating, routine tasks that need to be managed in your business, then this approach can certainly benefit you.

Kamishibai Board example
An example of a Kamishibai Board in action

As it is about visual management, it seemed only right that this book wasn’t entirely text based. Therefore, a number of photos of Kamishibai boards in use have been included, along with an explanation of how they are being used.

This book covers:

  • How to create your own Kamishibai board.
  • Using a Kamishibai board effectively.
  • How to apply this approach to 5S, office routines, sales teams, quality systems and more.