A Continuous Improvement Course to Boost Your Career and Business Results – Get The First Month Free!

38 improvement methodologies, 4 sprint projects and a whole load of improvement opportunity for you and your business

Are you looking for a continuous improvement course to help you accelerate the rate of positive change taking place in your business?

If the answer is “yes” then join the Making It Happen programme and get started today.

This programme shares the approaches that I use to quickly deliver changes for my clients and they can help you to do the same for your business.

The course includes:

  • 9 improvement methods available on day one.
  • A free trial for the first month – $12 (USD) per month if you choose to stay.
  • 38 improvement strategies and methods in total.
  • 4 sprint projects to move your business forward.
  • 30 coaching emails to show you short cuts for the main lessons.
  • Access anytime / anywhere archives.
  • Downloadable templates and worksheets to help you put my ideas into action quickly.
  • Practical, tried-and-tested, strategies and tools to improve your ‘change agent’ skills and the results of your business.

Do you want some practical ideas to improve business performance?

Making It Happen is a continuous improvement course made up of 38 lessons and 4 sprints, delivered over one year, that can help you to improve how you deliver change and improve business performance. Ultimately it is designed to help you become an even more effective ‘change agent’ for your business and drive up performance along the way.

One day one you get access to the Productivity Boost tools plus the first lesson of Making It Happen. This will give you something to get your teeth into if you are feeling like you need to make some progress fast.

The reason I went for a weekly ‘drip feed’ of lessons is that if you get all the information in one go there is a good chance you won’t be able to use it effectively. I want you to get some real value from this material and a weekly course has proven to be a more effective approach than just dumping you with a whole load of information and tools.

continuous improvement course
All lessons, exercises, examples and downloadable templates are available in the archive as you progress

Lessons are delivered weekly with e-mail notifications to keep you up to date. You can then access the lessons and downloads via the website (viewable on a computer, tablet or smartphone), which are linked in each notification. Lessons include ideas, strategies, downloadable templates and exercises to help you put the ideas into practice.

The course outline can be viewed here.

Joining this continuous improvement course is simple; sign up using the button below and enjoy a year of guided continuous improvement activity for you and your business for only $12 (USD) a month, plus get the first month free!.

Are you pushed for time?

One of the challenges that my clients face when I start working with them is a lack of time. I designed Making It Happen so that it doesn’t take much time. To support this I have added in coaching emails for the main part of the programme. These emails appear a few days after you are notified about the next lesson and give you a short cut route to try out the ideas with the least amount of effort.

continuous improvement worksheets
Quick start templates are included with Making It Happen

Even if you are really pressed for time these emails can help you out – if you try out even a couple of ideas you should start to save some time and then you can re-invest this to get on top of the rest of your busy schedule.

So, whether you want to join this programme for your own personal development, or want to use it with your team to help structure your continuous improvement efforts over the next year, you will find it to be very useful.

Are you ready to get started today?

I hope that you try out Making It Happen, and that you find the ideas I share to be valuable to both you and your business. The first month is free and you can cancel at any time. If you don’t feel it is for you then cancel before the end of the month and you won’t be billed.

If you have any questions about the programme then feel free to drop me an email – gilesjohnston@smartspeed.co.uk.

Enjoy Making It Happen,

Giles Johnston

Smartspeed Consulting Limited

Author of Business Process Re-engineering and What Does Good Look Like?