Godfrey Syrett Limited are a furniture design and manufacturing company based in the North East of England. They are providers of Office Furniture, Residential Furniture, and Educational Furniture. They supply to the NHS, the MOD and several leading Universities.

Godfrey Syrett approached Giles Johnston for help, they were finding that, with their business expanding, their systems were straining to cope. In particular, as Giles quickly identified, the company was having problems with their order and dispatch systems.


What I did

Worked with the company’s Logistics Manager to replace a cumbersome paper- based system for producing load plans for the delivery drivers, with an efficient IT- based one.

Trained the relevant staff so that they felt confident in using the software upon which the new system was based.



The implementation of this new IT-based system reduced the time taken to get orders prepared by between two thirds and three quarters. This enabled the company to expand even further.


What the client said

“I cannot describe to you the beneficial impact this had on my job. Before, it would take twelve hours to get orders prepared. Now it only takes three or four. This freed me to concentrate on other things. The end result was that we could now maintain another £10m worth of orders. What Giles put in place is very good. We just had to tweak it. It just slotted in. And it helped us set a course for our company, for the future.”

Stuart McCourt, Logistics Manager
Godfrey Syrett Ltd