Established in 2000 and online since 2001, is based in North Shields, Tyne and Wear.

Slimming Solutions sell slimming and nutritional products online as well as providing weight loss advice, diet news and a range of health articles on its website.

Kerry Scott, the Managing Director of asked Smartspeed to work with her team to help put control and focus into the business in order to bring the strategic objectives of the business into the working day.


What I did

Implemented short daily meetings to improve communications and speed up projects.

Developed a handful of Key Performance Indicators to help drive the right activities through the business.

Initiated a 5S programme to help reduce the time taken to locate files on the server and in the offices.

Incorporated a Kamishibai board to help with the visual management of the office activities.

Altered the stock counting procedures to save valuable office management time.

Applied a simple approach to e-mail management to save time and speed up project work.

Created a product introduction checklist to reduce the time required to get new products onto the website.

Designed and introduced a continuous improvement method to help identify areas for improvement and generate improvement ideas at the same time.

Reduced the administration time on repetitive tasks through the use of simple spreadsheets and mail merging.



Office administration reduced by 3.5 hours each day.

Strategic activities now taking place on a daily basis.

Stock management process simplified.


What the client said

“I use my time much more effectively now and my focus is on what am I doing to move my business forwards and not just maintain it. There is a real sense of positive momentum and not just keeping pace.”

Kerry Scott, Managing Director
Slimming Solutions Ltd