Greenleaf Recycling Limited are a North East based green waste recycling centre that produces a soil conditioner product.

When they contacted Smartspeed they were interested in achieving PAS 100, a recognised standard for producing high quality composts and soil conditioners, which is required if you want to sell your composted products.

Although Smartspeed are not compost experts, PAS 100 is a quality management system (QMS) like ISO9001 and requires an organised approach to process management, somethingthat we certainly do know about!


What I did

Analysis and simplification of the existing composting process.

Gap analysis against the PAS 100 and Compost Quality Protocol (CQP) standard to devise a project plan for implementation.

Defined daily routines required for optimum process management of the site.

Guided Greenleaf through the accreditation process.

Led the environmental permit and planning permission application activities.



Establishing of a robust QMS.

Achievement of PAS 100 / CQP standard.

Reduction in composting process lead time.


What the client said

“Smartspeed were instrumental in helping us progress through the PAS 100 accreditation process, ultimately helping us to improve how we operate day to day as well as being able to provide our soil conditioner as a saleable product. Highly recommended.”

Phil Straughan, Managing Director
Greenleaf Recycling Limited