Based in South Tyneside, Ford specialise in the precision machining and pressing of components and assemblies for the aerospace, defence and related high technology industries.

Following the recession, Ford Aerospace was experiencing an increase in order volume and increased customer pressure. Smartspeed was brought in to help the company deliver more products with pre-recession staffing levels.


What I did

Re-designed the operations management process to improve overall business performance.

Developed routines of working, to instil discipline and clarity of what is required when.

Introduced standard meeting agendas to provide consistency and thoroughness to meetings.

Created visual Master Production Scheduling tool to speed up the overall planning and ‘make or buy’ decisions.

Introduced contract review process to ensure that capacities are allocated to optimise the loading of the factory and ensure on-time delivery performance.

Implemented three routine meetings to ensure that all functions of the business operate in an effective and coordinated manner at all times.

Created visual management for the loading of material on the shop floor.

Developed plan for improvement of data integrity to allow improved on-time delivery performance via MRPII system.

Reduced messages being transmitted from management to production operatives, to improve utilisation and efficiencies.

Utilised real time data to improve shop floor scheduling and backlog reduction.



Customer DSA (Delivery Schedule Adherence) increased from 55% to 90%.

Customer arrears reduced from £100k to £20k.

Production volumes increasing with reduced overtime and no increase in labour levels by £100k per month.

Costs reduced by £50k per annum.


What the client said

“Smartspeed have worked in partnership with Ford for 6 months and excellent results have been achieved. Their hands on process allows quick and efficient improvements, whilst building credibility with the team. We look forward to continuing working with Smartspeed as part of our continuous improvement process over the next 3 years.”

Mark Podmore, Managing Director
Ford Aerospace Limited