Jasmin Design Limited is a nationwide sign manufacturer and installer based in Leicester.

Due to rapid growth they felt a few ‘growing pains’, which required a slightly different approach to how they managed their day to day operations; which would help them to continue moving forward and grow.


What I did

Worked with Jasmin Design’s Production Manager and developed a more effective layout.

Implemented a visual management board to establish the essential daily routine required by the business.

Supplemented the visual management board with a short daily ‘Sunrise’ meeting.

Introduced a ‘Kan Ban’ for common production items.

Developed Standard Operating Procedures for the business.

Established process driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help guide the decision making process longer term.

Used the Pareto Rule to create a swift and effective planning method.



Time spent on the shop floor retrieving jobs to work on was reduced.

Daily routines became habitual and shop floor performance improved.

Specialist knowledge held in the business was shared, allowing for further improvements in product quality.

Irritations and hold ups in production were minimised through a combination of the above improvement activities.

Shop floor productivity increased by 35%.

The unit cost of production decreased by 20%.


What the client said

“We employed Giles on the recommendation of a third party and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Giles’ expertise and no nonsense approach to problem solving was just what we needed. Since Giles’ help and support our production lines are running much smoother and productivity is much improved with less wastage and remakes. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Nick Kehoe, Managing Director
Jasmin Design Limited