Express Engineering Ltd has been experiencing significant growth over the past couple of years and this resulted in the need to improve some of the business processes. What worked

previously was no longer providing the levels of performance required by the now much larger business.

Smartspeed were asked to help develop a business improvement toolkit that the staff of Express Engineering could use internally as well as focus on two specific areas for improvement around documentation and tracking of production orders.


What I did

Created a business improvement framework around the Lean / Six Sigma improvement methodologies.

Reviewed the types of improvement projects that need to be implemented and created a kit suitable for the needs of the business, especially as it experiences continued growth.

Mentored Express’ Business Improvement Engineer to help establish the toolkit and provide direction for the subsequent projects.

Delivered business process re-engineering for a specific administrative process to help reduce overall product lead time.



Lead time reduction for administrative process achieved.

Improvement framework implemented and tested.

Business improvement toolkit in place and operational.

Planned saving of over 1000 man hours per year.


What the client said

“Giles from Smartspeed grasped what we were trying to do from the first meeting, the methodical approach, structure and mentoring that he brought to our project allowed our improvement engineer to complete the tasks quickly and effectively.”

Gary Thirlwell, Managing Director
Express Engineering Ltd