Rockbit uk Ltd

Project: Re-scheduling of Critical Project

Established in 2003 and based in North Tyneside, Rockbit UK supply and manufacture a wide range of heavy-duty drilling equipment.

Rockbit had won a large contract and due to tight deadlines on this complex project Smartspeed were invited to review and reschedule their project programme to ensure that their delivery was on-time.

What I did

  • Rescheduled the main project programme to ensure that all key phases could be completed on time.
  • Additional support to the project through the creation of an ‘Operators Manual’ for the products being manufactured.
  • Implemented a routine ‘Production Meeting’ to ensure that all aspects of the business are operating at their optimum.
  • Regulated key projects taking place within the business, to free up vital resources and to improve the overall delivery of business development activities.


  • Rockbit’s project was delivered to their customer on time.
  • We reduced their workload through effective project scheduling.
  • The operators manual was produced in line with the new schedule.

“Faced with what we thought was a completely impossible schedule for a make or break export order to Iraq we commissioned Smartspeed. To our delight and amazement we achieved the impossible deadline and at the same time completely overhauled our systems and management approach Don’t be fooled by Giles’ jovial exterior, beneath that lies an extremely smart and manipulative core which can seriously improve your company.”

Alan Vasey, Managing Director, Rockbit uk Ltd