A local GP practice realised that they were not supporting their management team to implement the changes it needed to make. There was a situation where ideas were generated, started upon, but not implemented.

Smartspeed were asked to generate ideas as to how they could start delivering their changes.

What I did

  • Restructured the GP’s responsibilities so that specific projects did not need to be agreed solely by committee.
  • Implemented weekly meetings between the Senior Partner and the Office Manager to ensure that projects did not stall and were fully supported by the Partners.
  • Worked with the support team to design visual management tools to ensure that their routines were adhered to.
  • Created a decision making process for selecting which improvements, or options, were the best to develop.

There has been a feeling of empowerment within the organisation since the project, with their designed changes now taking place. This has enabled the organisation to restructure and deploy its resources more effectively, allowing further changes to take place at a quicker pace.

“From working with Smartspeed we now realise just how important it is for GPs to take time out to examine their management practices in the same way that they regularly examine their clinical practice.”

Senior Partner, North East based GP practice