OTIF improvement - a real life story

On Time Delivery

OTIF improvement

Do you feel lost and alone on your journey to improve on time delivery performance? On Time Delivery is a real account of my time running an underperforming manufacturing operation.

OTIF was at the heart of my focus during my time running production, followed closely by reducing the average manufacturing lead time. For me, a high OTIF performance was essential to stop the phone calls from dissatisfied customers… the same customers that we promised their delivery for the end of the month.

The journey wasn’t straightforward but we achieved a huge swing in results (20% to 98+% OTIF and lead time reduction of 80%). This book talks you through what I did with my team to achieve this.

Littered with practical takeaways and ideas, On Time Delivery aims to help production managers and business leaders to drive up their on time delivery performance without losing their sanity!