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Do you want your business to run like clockwork?

From working with many different organisations and businesses, it is clear to me that an unorganised but talented team is unlikely to beat an organised team of less talented individuals in terms of performance.

That may sound harsh, but how many crises have you had in your business that were down to disorganised behaviour and someone ‘not having time’ or they just ‘forgot’ to perform a key task?

The Effective Routine is a remedy for this situation. I have taken the tools and methods I use with my consulting clients to help you develop a routine that will work for your business.

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Everyone talks about having good habits...

But how do you develop good habits?

The method I share in this guide will help you define a routine that will, with application, become a set of natural habits.

The reason for creating this guide was to deal with the problems people have with implementing a routine. It has to last longer than two weeks, doesn’t it?

The Effective Routine focuses largely on methods and strategies to get your implementation to stick. If the routine doesn’t stick, you don’t get the results. Simple.

I also address a common problem I see with routines; most of them don’t extend the idea fully through an organisation. This guide will stretch your thinking so that you define a solution that will be powerful for your business.

What happens when you have an effective routine?

A number of case studies come to mind when I am asked this question by my clients.

I recall one team, a planning team, that spent their days in chaos. Their time was wasted with firefighting but, ironically, they looked like superstars to many people in the organisation. They weren’t just the firefighters, they were the arsonists too! As the business brought in some different characters into the business, the team moved into their routine and a cool calm controlled approach ensued. The results followed too, better scheduling, an improved supply chain and greater stock accuracy.

From my own personal experience as a Production Manager, I recall days filled with running around and negotiating with customers about delivery schedules. Every schedule was late, and our manufacturing capacity was seriously underutilised. I brought in a routine, stuck to it and after a few weeks started to see some benefits. These routine tasks became our drumbeat and within six months we had shortened our production lead time by over 80%, from months down to weeks. Our average on time delivery performance shot up from around 20% to over 98%. The business went on to deliver 300% output with no extra staff or overtime. Getting a robust routine in place helped drive this result.

My consulting clients that have worked with me on their routines have seen the benefits. Things don’t get missed any more. Mistakes are less frequent, customers are happier, profitability is better. When the routine is embraced throughout the organisation these kinds of results aren’t haphazard, they are the planned outcome.

So, what’s the message here?

Don’t let loose ends and a reliance on your memory drive your business.

Develop a formal routine that doesn’t stifle creativity or make you rigid and watch as the results improve.

The Effective Routine will help you to design a great routine and the strategies the guide shares with you will help you implement and sustain the routine once it is in effect.

Creating an effective routine is a challenge for many. The way that you deploy it has a big effect on the results; this guide and toolkit offers a simple way to deliver this effective strategy to improving business results.

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39 page PDF guidebook
Six worksheets and tools to help you design and deploy your routine successfully
PDF guide to help you create a simple visual management tool to embed your routine

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So, are you ready to take your business forward?