kaizen focus tool

Introducing a simple, low cost, Android app to move your Kaizen idea generation process to the next level

Kaizen Idea Generator App

Are you looking for Kaizen ideas that can make a real difference to your business’ performance?

Have you been tasked with generating business improvement ideas and aren’t sure where to start?

Do you want to get your continuous improvement / Kaizen programme off to a flying start?

If any of the above sound familiar, then download the Kaizen Focus Tool app today. This is a simple and low-cost tool that can focus your team to generate highly practical  improvement ideas.

If you have discovered that the continuous improvement journey changes when you have mopped up most of the obvious problems your business has, then this app is for you too. When you get past just looking at problems for improvement ideas you need to get creative. This can be easier said than done and something that many of my clients have previously struggled with.

This app is an electronic version of the workshop tool I use with them. By tapping a few buttons on the app your team will be able to take part in a highly focused Kaizen improvement brainstorming session. This is the same method that I wrote about in my book Effective Continuous Improvement and is available to you now on Google Play.

Even better, the app is customisable so that the improvement focus it produces will be perfect for your business. The app comes preloaded with some generic business improvement options, but by spending just a few minutes to tailor the app you will get so much more out of it. Even just using the preloaded options you will see opportunities for improvement.

The app is incredibly simple to use (full instructions are accessible through the app) and you will be able to get started within minutes of downloading the tool.

This is a really simple idea that you can now take in your pocket into your next Kaizen improvement meeting. And, if you want a method to ensure that you generate as many improvement ideas as you need, then try this highly effective method in your business today.

To get your copy of the app visit Google Play here: