Effective Root Cause Analysis

Do you want a game changing method for improving your business’ results?

Let’s cut to the chase; too many businesses don’t carry out their Root Cause Analysis properly. They cut the process short in order to appease an investigation of some sort or, worse, to avoid an uncomfortable truth about performance…

This book shares an effective approach to conduct these types of analyses and focuses on the ‘5 Why’ method. This simple approach is often poorly executed due to a lack of effective questioning and persistence. This book shares with you a structured way to undertake these reviews that has the potential to fundamentally change your organisation. 

More importantly, this book shares a specific focus that can completely change your perspective of root cause investigation. If this approach is embraced, it can truly ‘turbo charge’ the results that you can get from your business. 

Delving deep in problems enables them to be eradicated forever. If you follow the approach in this book there is also a good chance that you and your team won’t be the same either. Be warned however, although this process is technically easy it can be personally challenging; the results are worth it though if you are brave enough! 

The approach covered in this book is the same approach and tool kit that the author uses with his clients when looking for a breakthrough in performance. Following this methodology is a excellent way to engage with your teams and is valid whether you want to get the most out of your production line or your board’s performance. 

Avoid the pitfalls of Root Cause Analysis with this book and discover a change in perspective that can be game changing…