Improving OTIF (On Time In Full) Performance

OTIF is a measure that many businesses use to help with their on time delivery performance, others shy away.

Why is this?

If you are new to the OTIF metric then let me give you a quick example.

Let's say that you have 100 items to deliver today. Let's also say that you have a scrap part on your order and you only manage to produce 99 good parts.

If you use alternative on time delivery measures you may determine that your delivery performance is 99% (99 / 100 parts achieved). With OTIF you would achieve a score of 0% (0 / 1 promises kept).

OTIF is a harsh metric, but one that can drive the right kinds of conversations. If you want to fully satisfy your customer's delivery programme then OTIF is the way forward.

OTIF and your supply chain

Applying OTIF to your business operations is a good start. If you want to increase your performance overall then you will want to consider applying this measure across your business functions.

Your supply chain is a good place to start. If your materials and components are delivered on time, then you have a good chance of starting production on time. If you start on time, then you have a good chance of delivering on time.

Extending this further, you can consider your maintenance programmes, your management decision making activities and anything else you can think of that has an output that can affect your on time delivery performance.

Using OTIF across your business, as one of a suite of indicators, can help you to operate in a far more controlled manner.

Moving towards an easier life

Achieving a consistently high level of OTIF is not always the easiest journey. The rewards, however, can be substantial and are certainly worth pushing for.

What kind of rewards am I talking about?

Increased work from your existing clients, as you become the 'supplier of choice'.
Better profit margins, as your inefficiencies disappear.
Simpler decision making processes leading to less stress.
Improved harmony across your teams as OTIF begins to synchronise activities.

Resources to aid your journey

Over the years I have developed a systematic management approach to help businesses improve their OTIF performance.

This approach is available to download immediately and includes all of the step by step instructions, worksheets, templates and examples you will need to deploy this approach. You can use the system 'as is' and deploy it within a matter of hours. If you wish to tailor the approach (to blend with existing management processes) then you can tweak it using the instructions and the worksheets.

To help you deploy the approach, the system includes a 30 day email coaching programme. You can activate this once the purchase has been completed.

To get your copy of The OTIF Improvement System, just click on the button below. You can find out more about the system here.

Good luck with your OTIF improvement journey.

If you have any questions (about OTIF or the improvement system) then don't forget to drop me a line, using the Get In Touch page.

All the best,

Giles Johnston