Is your annual strategic planning a lot of enthusiastic action followed up by… well, not much?

Many organisations have trouble developing and deploying objectives.

A common approach to remedy this is the Hoshin Kanri method.

Hoshin Kanri is a systematic method that takes a business through development, agreement, deployment and review.


But there is an issue

Many of my clients, that come to me for strategic deployment support, find that the Hoshin Kanri approach seems too complicated. Whilst I would say it isn’t, I can’t argue with how my clients feel.

I accept that there are quite a few elements to the Hoshin Kanri system and it can seem complex if you are new to it. Plus, if you consider how busy most people’s day job is then it is quite understandable why certain businesses fail with its implementation.

A simpler approach

Over the years I have developed my own twist on Hoshin Kanri, which I call The Strategic Improvement Loop.

This system is now available as an instant download and is designed to take away the stress, confusion and effort to implement an effective strategic deployment system for your organisation.

The basic Hoshin Kanri system is still in there, so is the effectiveness. What is different is the planning tools are changed. They are simpler, they work, and they are quick to use.

Straight ‘out of the box’

To get you started quickly with the ‘loop’, this download includes:

A 44 page PDF step by step implementation guidebook.
16 templates and worksheets.

This means that you don’t have to scratch your head as to what do for each step in the process. Take the templates and use them ‘as is’ or tweak them.

Fill in the worksheets as prompted and hey presto! You are quickly on your way to effective and sustainable strategic deployment.

Ready to use worksheets

Templates to modify

Step by step instructions

Implementation boosters

To help you implement this approach faster and with less ‘turbulence’ I include a number of additional tried and tested methods.

These ‘superchargers’ include the same modified tools I use with my clients to help them get past any obstacles that they face during such a change in their organisation. I include them here so that you don’t get stuck when implementing the system.

Change is never easy but these additional tools and techniques make the ride less bumpy.

Are you ready?

The Strategic Improvement Loop is available for immediate download using the button below.

All of the files and instructions are included with the download; you can be deploying this solution in the next hour if you need to!

I’ve made this download highly practical and fast to implement. I hope it helps you reach your strategic goals faster.

All the best,

Giles Johnston