The Reverse Fishbone

the reverse fishbone

If you use the fishbone tool only for problem solving then you might be missing a trick.

Flipping the focus of this tool around, to focus on goal achievement, can unlock a number of benefits.

Better team working. Simplification of business activities. Engagement. And let’s not forget about better results.
The Reverse Fishbone will share with you thoughts, ideas and strategies on how you can get the most out of this simple change of perspective on a classic business improvement tool. Practical from the start, this book is based on years of real world application into a wide range of business sectors.

The author, Giles Johnston, has spent many years working with businesses helping them to improve their productivity, develop robust and streamlined business processes, and improve profitability whilst raising customer satisfaction levels. This book is a distillation of one of the simple approaches that Giles uses that can yield remarkable results.

As well as providing step by step instructions on how to use the ‘reverse’ fishbone, this book contains several practical examples as well as continuous improvement strategies to make change happen. If you want to set your teams up to win, increase buy in to your business plans and improve results, The Reverse Fishbone needs to be on your reading list.