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Smartspeed has partnered with industry experts MyDash

If you find yourself trying to make key business decisions, but just don't have the right data at your fingertips, then an effective business dashboard is just what you need.

Smartspeed has partnered with MyDash to bring this service to you.

The benefits of this partnership are clear:

The offer, in a nutshell

In most cases business leaders need access to data from multiple systems in order to get a complete picture and that is where the challenge lies.

Even in instances where a firm has BI (Business Intelligence) tools or a data warehouse, not all of the required data resides in a single system.

The result is the executives either being sent multiple reports or Excel spreadsheets or having to log in to multiple systems.

We solve that problem quickly and reliably and with minimal cost and effort.

MyDash streams the key decision making data or metrics from any data source(s) as frequently as it is updated and gives the user a custom dashboard available anywhere at any time and on any device.

business dashboard

Designing an effective dashboard

Designing a good dashboard is a straightforward process.

Think about the dashboard in your car. It doesn't show you all of the information available to you, just the summary. This summary can help you to make decisions. 

Your business dashboard is the same. View the summary, drill down if you need the data, and make effective decisions.

Faster decision making

We pull together the key information you need and display it in a clear, visual way, to enable you to make faster, better business decisions.

With better information, the right decisions become easier.

As decisions become easier, performance rises.

As performance rises, you can focus on strategy and not operational minutiae!

business dashboard

Building your dashboard

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From understanding your needs, Smartspeed will liaise with MyDash to create a quote. If you already have a design in mind then MyDash will take the lead. If not, Smartspeed can help you to define meaningful metrics and dashboard elements.


Once the dashboard elements are known, MyDash will mock up a dashboard for you. Once you are happy they will proceed to the technical wizardry!

Testing and sign off

You sign off the design when you are ready.

Monitoring and performance improvement

Start using the dashboard to focus your business improvement activities and management actions. If you need ongoing support to help you develop and design improvement projects, Smartspeed are here to help you.

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