Discover an easier way to manage Kaizen and continuous improvement

Announcing StreamLiner; the software tool that can help you rapidly identify Kaizen opportunities and shorten the time it takes to get the benefits

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Do you spend too much time trying to juggle all of your Kaizen opportunities instead of delivering the actual results?

This is a common problem... too many people spend way too much time talking about improvements rather than doing them. One of the issues here is a lack of focus and prioritisation. StreamLiner has a unique prioritisation system that can help you deliver more change faster than you ever have before.

We've taken what we consider to be the most productive Lean tools and merged them into one software tool - StreamLiner.

We've also taken one of the biggest bug bears into consideration and eliminated it! No longer do you need to have an individual improvement plan for each project, let me explain.

StreamLiner allows you to view improvements from a range of angles and then pushes all of the actions into a single prioritised queue of activity.

No more guessing what will give you the best results, just follow the system.

Tools include:

Auditing Tools

Step 1

Create your own rapid audit assessment. Find out if you are where you think you are and start your improvement journey here.

Process Flow Analysis

Step 1

Find out what exactly goes on within your business processes. Quickly discover improvement opportunities that are right under your nose! 

Waste Walking

Step 4

Use our quick print templates and get your team on a waste walk. Find the waste in your business and then rapidly create an action plan.

CCC (3C)

Step 4

Use the Concern, Cause, Countermeasure approach to log issues you have with the business’ operations. Springboard your way to an improvement plan.

Accelerate 5S

Step 4

Take advantage of our built in 5S scoring sheets. Move your business teams away from mediocre to awesome workplace organisation.

Meetings Manager

Step 6

Orchestrate your team’s improvement activities with our meetings matrix. Log your actions directly within StreamLiner.

Full Instruction Guide

Included with your download is the StreamLiner guide.

But don’t worry, StreamLiner is easy to use!

You can view the entire guide here.

Are you ready to get started?

StreamLiner helps you pull together your ongoing improvement activities. It lets you comfortably manage all improvement actions in just a few minutes. StreamLiner removes the complexity of change management, meaning your business can benefit from the results all-the-more quickly.

Please pick the correct version of StreamLiner, the one which best meets your needs. After payment you will receive an email with a link to download the software.

Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here if you want to use this software on more than one PC.

All the best with your improvement projects,

Giles Johnston and Robert Broughton