Are you looking for an easier way to manage continuous improvement?

StreamLiner can revolutionise the way you manage improvements. No longer do you need  numerous plans pinned to your walls! No longer do you have to try and guess the right improvement to focus on.

Follow the StreamLiner system and save time and effort. You’ll improve your team’s clarity and accelerate your  improvement wins.

Also, if you operate a continuous improvement suggestion scheme, StreamLiner can help manage your staff’s expectations. And clearly communicate the improvement idea ‘leaderboard’.

StreamLiner’s built-in tools helps your team get straight into process analysis, even if they are inexperienced. The software takes the hassle out of continuous improvement, letting you get on with your day-to-day job. You can conduct, organise, and monitor improvement activities within your company. StreamLiner centralises your data, enabling your colleagues to quickly access key improvement activities.

continuous improvement software
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StreamLiner lets you…

  • Track all improvement activities for any project.
  • Track meetings and assign actions from those meetings.
  • Conduct Waste Walk activities and assign action items.
  • Conduct 5S Audits and assign actions.
  • Conduct process analysis reviews and assign actions.
  • Analyse the process with the Cause / Concern / Counter (aka CCC or 3C) approach and assign actions.
  • Track, and link, all documents for the project.
  • Conduct audits, track and assign actions from those audits (see video below).

Introducing: The StreamLiner action list

All of StreamLiner’s analysis tools all you to create actions directly from the observations.

This means that you can:

  • Quickly monitor all of the improvement actions in one list.
  • Rate the actions based benefits, cost, and speed (BCS) score, which lets you prioritise the actions.
  • Create action lists reports by BCS, Responsible Employees, Due Date, Open and Closed.
  • Quickly sort the actions by process, employee, due date, item, status, and BCS score.
prioritise your improvement activities
Prioritise your improvement activities and keep your team focused on delivering the right results first

Tools include:

Blank Audit

Create your own rapid audit assessment. Find out if you are where you think you are and start your improvement journey here.

Process Analysis

Find out what exactly goes on within your business processes. Quickly discover improvement opportunities that are right under your nose! 

Waste Walking

Use our quick print templates and get your team on a waste walk. Find the waste in your business and then rapidly create an action plan.


Use the Concern, Cause, Countermeasure approach to log issues you have with the business’ operations. Springboard your way to an improvement plan.


Take advantage of our built in 5S scoring sheets. Move your business teams away from mediocre to awesome workplace organisation.

Meetings Manager

Orchestrate your team’s improvement activities with our meetings matrix. Log your actions directly within StreamLiner.

Quickly create new projects within StreamLiner, get stuck into an improvement analysis right away.

StreamLiner is built with Lean in mind

This means you can:

  • Quickly monitor all improvements
  • Rate the actions based benefits, cost, and speed (BCS) score, which lets you prioritise those actions
  • Create action lists reports by BCS, Responsible Employees, Due Date, Open and Closed
  • Quickly sort the actions by process, employee, due date, item, status, and BCS score
  • Save time by managing all your improvement actions in one place. Use the report filters and focus your team onto critical tasks.

You can tailor your Lean approach with StreamLiner. You can use all of the tools, some of the tools, or pick’n’mix. It’s whatever gives your business the improvement strategy and tactics it needs.

Full instruction guide included

Included with your download is the StreamLiner guide. But don’t worry, StreamLiner is easy to use!

If you want to have a look at the instructions before you buy – click here.

Step by step instructions are included to help you get the most from the software.

Are you ready to get started?

StreamLiner helps you pull together your ongoing improvement activities. It lets you comfortably manage all improvement actions. StreamLiner removes the complexity of change management, meaning your business can benefit from the results all-the-more quickly.

Please pick the correct version of StreamLiner, the one which best meets your needs. After payment, you will receive an email with a link, to download the software.

Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here if you want to use this software on more than one PC.


If you have Microsoft Access (version 2003 or greater) then select this version.

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All the best with your improvement projects,

Giles Johnston and Robert Broughton