Personal productivity course

What would happen if you become a ‘productivity machine’?

Discover 52+ practical and powerful ideas and strategies to make your life easier and achieve better results

If you want to improve your results at work, have a less stressful life and achieve more then you have come to the right place!

I have mentored many people during my working life. Despite the initial mentoring challenge being technical it always swings round to productivity.

Long story short; everyone I have mentored has been promoted at work and told me that they can take more in their stride.

Do you want better results?

The 52+ ideas that I share in this course are the same tools and techniques that I share with my mentees.

All the ideas are practical and designed to help you get ahead. The really good news is that you can get started today for free!

Why a weekly course?

I could give you all ideas right now. You’d be awash with ideas… The problem is that you won’t get as much benefit compared to me drip feeding them to you.

Each idea comes as a bite sized chunk that you can easily apply, even if you are ‘through the roof’ busy.

A little productivity boost each week compounds to help you become even more productive reach your goals faster. Whether you are looking for a little improvement or to become a ‘productivity beast’ these ideas can help you.

So, how is the course structured?

There are six categories that the ideas fall under: getting results, learning, planning, problem solving, team performance and you.

Each week another idea is released to you. The course is online so you can access at anytime from anywhere. You’ll get an email notification each time a new piece of content is available.

Why listen to me?

Firstly, I think you should try out my ideas because they work and I think they’ll work for you.

Secondly, I have a track record of helping businesses to drive up their performance results (including their productivity levels). It is in these companies that I have worked up and down the organisational tree to help individual staff members to drive up their own performance through better planning, delivery and problem solving. These are the same ideas that I share with you in the course.

Here’s what some of my mentees said:

Giles really has made such a significant difference in how I am able to not only manage my team but also improve their effectiveness. The tools and tips he gave me were extremely practical and I saw results within weeks. 

Finance Director

Top 10 Global Software Company

I look forward to my meetings with Giles; I learn something new every time. He brings fresh ideas to business problems and like all good ideas they are uncomplicated and easy to implement and they are also cost effective.

Phil Straughan

W L Straughan & Son Ltd

The session was tailored to exactly what we needed and has really helped improve our operating procedures so that they are more efficient (therefore helping save money), consistent (happy customers!) and easy (happy me!)

Jules Quinn

The Tea Shed

Risk free trial

To let you try out the ideas and see if this course is for you I offer the first month for free.

If it isn’t for you then you can cancel at any time within the first month and you won’t be charged. From there it is just $9 / month and you can as long as you want. You can even pause the programme without being charged and carry on at another time.

I hope you enjoy the course and surprise yourself at just how different your working life can be with just a few simple changes.

Giles Johnston

Smartspeed Consulting Limited