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Find time in your working week to improve how your business works with this spreadsheet tool.


How long is your working day?

Some days just seem to slip by don’t they? Some of my clients have struggled for years to get their business critical projects underway whilst trying to juggle their existing day to day responsibilities. Does this sound familiar to you?


Are you looking for a simple solution too?

By taking a different point of view when it came to helping them look at how they see their working week I was able to create a simple method to help them.  They jump started their projects whilst still dealing with all of the day to day work their business demanded.

The approach is straightforward and quick to implement. This kit comes as a compressed folder that includes two files:

  • A PDF guide to the approach and a step by step instruction of how to use the spreadsheet tool.
  • The spreadsheet tool which can help you to plan out and schedule your projects and your day to day working life.


A practical tool for practical people

This practical approach is the same approach that numerous clients have used to help them ‘fit in’ their improvement projects. I’m sure that your days are busy; this simple idea can help you to visualise your working week differently. In doing so you should see how you can get more out of your working day, by incorporating the few improvement ideas that will make a big difference to your business.


Nothing to lose?

This kit is covered by our money back guarantee. Purchase the kit now and you could be improving the way you schedule your business projects into your busy day in just a few minutes from now.