Get hold of my best improvement methods and strategies for a fraction of the cost of hiring me!

It's a fact of life that if you are based half way round the world from me it is unlikely that we will meet in person.

Over the years I have created a number of products to help share my ideas and improvement methods. They come as books, courses, software and kits.

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Boost your on time delivery performance with my ready to use system

My OTIF (On Time In Full) Improvement System is ready for you to implement and includes all of the instructions, templates, worksheets and worked examples you need to dramatically improve how your business delivers on time.

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Make change happen faster with my online course

Making It Happen is a 30 lesson series of practical strategies, lessons and tips to help you quickly progress your change projects and develop you own personal 'change agent' effectiveness at the same time.

The course comes as either an instant download, or a weekly email course (with supporting coaching emails).

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Save time identifying and managing change projects with Streamliner

Streamliner is a quick to learn and simple to use continuous improvement tool that can help you pull together all of your business' improvement opportunities. Prioritise effectively and ensure that your business is getting the 'biggest bang for its buck'.

It comes with built in tools, so even if you aren't sure how to approach your business' challenges, Streamliner does!

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Read my practical 'how to' books and discover my improvement ideas

A number of my improvement ideas have made it into book form. Some are e-books and some are paperbacks. My books are available on the majority of e-reader platforms (including Kindle, KOBO and iTunes).

And, if you live in Vietnam you could even get your hands on the Vietnamese version of Business Process Re-engineering!

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But, before you start downloading my various books, courses and software, don't forget to get your free copy of You're Late!!!

The guide contains seven practical strategies you can quickly put into effect in your business to drive up your on time delivery performance and productivity levels.

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Giles Johnston