Are you an Operations Manager, Engineer or Team Leader who wants to make change happen faster?

Making It Happen: Discover practical change management tools and strategies

Discover a month of simple change strategies to improve the performance of your business for free!

Do you want your improvement projects to deliver better results?

Making It Happen is a 'continuous improvement  and change management skills' programme based on practical, real world, strategies.

The programme was developed to accelerate and improve the quality of change projects taking place.

So, are you experiencing any of these situations?

  • Needing a toolbox of simple, yet powerful, change ideas and methods.
  • Creating improvement ideas and plans, but failing to get them 'off the ground'.
  • Finding that your improvement projects fall over and fail to deliver their results.
  • Getting stuck with making change happen and need some strategies to help you get past these obstacles.

What is 'Making It Happen'?

Making It Happen has 30 weekly lessons and 4 sprints, drip fed to you by email, to help you learn and apply effective change management ideas.

The lessons and sprints that make up Making It Happen are based on the tools, strategies and approaches that I use with my clients when I need to get improvements happening fast.

The course is $7 (USD) per month but the first month is offered to you free of charge so that you can see if you like the ideas before you start paying.

My personal twists on the classics are also included in the lessons, so that you can apply the same ideas to your own business to improve the rate of change taking place and the effectiveness of that change.

The first ten lessons are:

  • 1. The CARL Tool

    A simple method to give you an instant boost in your own effectiveness at making change happen.

  • 2. Using CCC to increase engagement

    A quick tool to help you get your team on board with the improvement process.

  • 3. Creating effective action plans

    A step-by-step method to help you create effective improvement action plans, every time.

  • 4. Prioritising improvement opportunities

    A robust approach to help you select the optimum sequence of improvement activities for your business.

  • 5. Making PDCA working for your business

    Using the fabled PDCA framework to greater effect.

  • 6. Using Kaizen to get improvements moving

    A variation on the normal use of Kaizen to help you get your projects moving towards the finish line if they have stalled.

  • 7. Inoculation - protecting yourself from the naysayers

    This planning approach can smooth the path for your improvement projects.

  • 8. Standardised meetings

    Ideas on how you can maximise the impact of your regular business meetings.

  • 9. Practical KPIs

    This lesson includes a simple process to help you determine the most useful Key Performance Indicators for your business.

  • 10. Aligning job roles

    Boiling jobs back to their essence, and then using this realisation to help you plan time effectively.

Find out about the other lessons and the sprint projects - click here +
  1. Fishbones for idea generation

Reversing the usual fishbone approach to help you generate improvement opportunities.


  1. Takt time

Putting this simple demand calculation to good use, so that you can get through your improvement activities at the right pace.


  1. Project Charters

Take advantage of my simple project charter format to help your project start and finish without disappointment.


  1. To do lists - that work!

My views on what makes a to do list a great business improvement tool.


  1. Standard Operating Procedures

Ideas and thoughts on how to make your business' instructions even more effective.


  1. Using skills matrices effectively

Taking this time tested business tool to a new level in terms of business improvement.


  1. Intelligent Pareto

Applying this brilliant insight to the world of continuous improvement idea generation.


  1. 5S that works!

Practical advice on how to fix a 5S implementation if yours has gone awry.


  1. Keeping track of the improvements

Improving the visibility of change projects within your business.


  1. Eliminating waste

A slightly different view on waste walking that you can use within your business.


  1. The monument of change

Ensuring that you have a point of reference to keep change going in your business.


  1. Practical process mapping

Dos and don'ts for capturing your process maps effectively.


  1. Moving from a project to a process

How to make sure that your change projects become sustainable and avoid 'falling over' down the line.


  1. 5 Why NGT

Tips and advice on using the ever effective 5 Why 'root cause problem solving' approach, and what to do when you can't agree where to start!


  1. Codifying data

A whistle stop tour through using data held in spreadsheets to help drive process improvement activity.


  1. The loss tracker

A staple tool from the Production Engineer's toolbox, revamped for wider use!


  1. Avoiding the unwanted future

Looking at an improvement from different angles can help you to take the fear out of the process of change.


  1. Setting up to win

How do you make sure that you give your teams (and yourself) the best chance to succeed at making change a reality? This is the focus of lesson 28.


  1. Lead by example

Leadership can make a big difference to how changes take effect within a business. This lesson looks at some powerful factors that can significantly change the outcomes for your change projects.


  1. Focus on principles

There are so many improvement methodologies, which one do you choose? This final lesson shares with you my thoughts on how you can boil the improvement approaches down to their guiding principles, so that you can apply them effectively.


Sprint #1 - Workload Management

Develop your own capacity and workload management tool for your teams to improve project delivery and balance day to day workloads.


Sprint #2 - Lead Time Reduction

Quickly spot opportunities to speed up the responsiveness of your business.


Sprint #3 - Easier On Time Delivery

Developing more robust ways to trigger the 'production' element of your business and make delivering on time more consistent and less effort.


Sprint #4 - Continuous Improvement 'Bingo'

Never run dry of ideas to improve your business with this short sprint project.

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Show Frequently Asked Questions +

Q. How much does Making It Happen cost?

A. The whole course costs $67 (USD). This includes the lessons, the downloads and the 'sprint' projects.


Q. How does the weekly version of 'Making It Happen' work?

A. Once you register your details you will get instant access to lesson 1. Thereafter you will get an email each week with a link to the next lesson. As a bonus I have included a follow up 'booster' for each lesson, to help you make the most of the material.


Q. How does the immediate access version of 'Making It Happen' work?

A. When you complete the payment for the course you will be provided with a download link to all of the course lessons and worksheets. You can then choose to tackle your business' continuous improvement needs in the way that suits you best. You can follow the sequence of lessons, or start with a sprint, whatever feels best suited to your needs right now.


Q. What are the downloads that are referred to?

A. Many of the lessons include a simple spreadsheet tool, or a worksheet, to help you put the ideas into practice more easily. These types of documents are the downloads.


Q. How does the 60 day guarantee work?

A. If you decide within 60 days that you don't think this course is for you just drop me an email at and I'll arrange your full refund.


Q. Why isn't 'Making It Happen' a book?

A. Actually, Making It Happen did start out as my next book. I wrote the first draft of the book and realised that it would work far better if I could include all of the worksheets and examples as downloads. Having experienced doing this as a link from a book in the past, I decided that I wanted to look for another option to host the material, an online course like this was the obvious choice.


Q. Can you access the course on different devices?

A. Yes. Making It Happen works great on tablets and smartphones, as well as on a normal computer.


Q. Is there a chance the email notifications get lost in my SPAM folder (for the weekly version)?

A. This has happened before. When you join the course, before you jump into lesson 1, I advise you to add '' to help avoid this problem.


Q. Why do you offer a weekly 'drip fed' version?

A. The other issue I had with compiling all of this content as my next book was the risk of people not getting the most out of it. When I run training courses with my clients one of the most valuable elements is the gap between the sessions. Between the sessions my clients can try out the ideas and continue their learning by being hands on with the material. When you cram too much information into a too short period of time the ability to test and trial the ideas gets lost. By nature I am an impatient person (probably from being a Production Manager in a past life!), but the lessons will come quickly enough (especially when you consider your normal day to day activities) and you'll be able to use the material to maximum effect.

Access the course the way that you want to

When you sign up for the Making It Happen programme you get immediate access to lesson 1.

The screenshot you can see here is from lesson 10 of the weekly 'drip fed' lessons. The lessons are viewable on desktop computers, smart phones and tablets.

Personal and Team Development

Making It Happen is both a great personal development tool and a team development course.

If you want a structured way to learn practical change strategies then Making It Happen can provide what you need.

As each lesson concludes with an exercise you get a chance to make some immediate changes to your business.

If you are doing this on your own you will be able to demonstrate a track record of results.

If you are leading a team then you can use the same format to develop your staff and focus your team on improving the function you lead.

With the inclusion of the 'sprint' projects at the end of the course, Making It Happen provides an effective structure for 1 year of continuous improvement withing your business.

This is not a text book!

The lessons in Making It Happen are distilled from my many years of experience helping businesses make improvements a reality. This is not a text book approach to making change happen in business. Your business isn't a text book, so why should your improvement strategies?

These approaches have been developed over the years whilst I have delivered change programmes for many different business types, in different sectors.

Guess what?

Knowing what you want to change is only part of the equation. Having a plan is another part. Having tools and strategies up your sleeves to help you get the job done is the other part of the equation; Making It Happen has these tools.

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Access continuous improvement methods, strategies and advice for only $7 a month, first month free.

Downloads and exercises are included

Making It Happen is not just a book you can read online.

Each lesson includes an exercise to help you put the ideas into practice, and in many of the lessons there are downloadable files to help you get the results you want faster.

Don't forget that I have also include four sprint projects for you at the end of the lessons, so that you can put your new skills into action (and improve your business at the same time)!

What are my credentials?

My background is in manufacturing. I am proud to say that I am a Chartered Engineer, and I have worked in a variety of engineering and operations management roles; the lessons I am sharing with you really are born from a practical perspective.

I spend my working life delivering change management support and projects for my clients. I also know that the working day can be hectic and riddled with problems, so these short lessons are designed to give you a quick boost each week as you develop your own improvement style.

Feeling short of time?

The lessons in Making It Happen aren't long, so it won't take you long to get through the information.

I know what it is like to be busy so I have created a follow up email for the weekly 'drip fed' lessons. With each lesson I will give you a 'shortcut' version, so that you can jump start the idea I am sharing and make some immediate gains.

And, if you need to go back to an earlier lesson you can use the archive function to get the content you want.

Who knows? A few good ideas implemented into your business could save you a whole load of time...

This course is a very low cost investment when you consider the potential savings and improvements you can achieve using these strategies.

Sign up today and get started straight away. You could be implementing your first ideas in just a few minutes from now!

Enjoy Making It Happen,


Giles Johnston

Smartspeed Consulting Limited

Recap: How to get started with Making It Happen

  • 1

    Sign up today

    You can get started today. Simply sign up by clicking on the button below and get started with lesson 1 immediately.

  • 2

    Try out the ideas

    Try out the ideas and to see how you get on with the approaches and strategies that I share in the course.

  • 3

    Realise the benefits in your business

    Whether you are looking to use the Making It Happen content to help the business you work in, or for your own personal development (who doesn't want to hire a person who can get results?) the lessons that I share are aimed at helping you to see more changes take place, and stick, within your place of work.

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Access continuous improvement methods, strategies and advice for only $7 a month, first month free.