Are you looking for some help with your business improvement projects?

My clients mainly talk about three things that they want to see happen:

  • They want to increase their profits.
  • They need improved control over their day-to-day business operations.
  • They want to see their MRP systems being used properly.

This is how I spend most of my time helping my clients:

Fixing MRP Systems
I spend a fair amount of my time helping businesses that are having difficulties with their MRP (and MRPII / ERP) systems. When I get called in they are usually finding that getting information out of the system is not forthcoming, or that running their business with this kind of system is not as easy as they originally hoped.

Before undertaking any specific project actions, I often deliver a small amount of relevant training so that the staff involved understand how MRP systems are meant to work as an integrated system. After this we can all get involved with making specific changes to system settings, scheduling rules, management approaches, housekeeping routines and internal communication methods. These are the kinds of actions that get results when MRP systems aren’t ‘behaving’.

I have had numerous clients who have tightened up how they work with their MRP system and seen real benefits for their business. Shorter lead times, reduced admin time, improved on time delivery, and yes, happier customers. When these projects come together as a partnership, between myself and the business being helped (as opposed to me just doing ‘stuff’ to them), great results can follow. Many people are surprised at just how much work is focused on the people side of the system, but it is people who input data and run these systems. A correctly configured MRP system, with the right people practices and routines make all the difference to the results.

Re-Engineering Business Processes
Most of the businesses who get in touch with me are already doing well. They are usually profitable with a decent order book… but there may be a few issues that are holding them back. The market may have changed and the way they handle their customer’s orders is no longer effective (or efficient). A structural change may have left fewer people available to undertake current workloads and a simpler and easier solution may be required. Or…. well I think you get the picture; something’s just not right with how the business works day-to-day.

My clients get the most out of these improvement projects when we work in partnership; that is I don’t just ‘do it to them and walk away’. Developing a plan of action together, where I combine my knowledge and experience with the client’s own skills and talents, is far more effective than just ticking off some steps on an action list. If I can ‘teach a man to fish’ in the process then I will, I want a sustainable benefit just like everyone else.

Based on the above I am also pleased that I have achieved great results for my clients too. Some have had really poor on time delivery performance (less than 20% OTIF – On Time In Full) and zipped past their competition to 95% OTIF consistently in just a matter of months. Clients who were at risk of being struck off supply chain registers have catapulted themselves to the top position in just months too; they have also reduced their operating costs at the same time. Business processes that have taken days and days to complete now take minutes for several of my clients. If you have a plan and an understanding of what is causing the issues in your business then re-engineering will work for you too.

If you want to read some case studies then click here.

What’s The Next Step?
Before I start working with a new client I either speak with them on the phone, or meet with them, beforehand.

This allows me to understand if I can truly help them.

If you and I were to speak we would discuss your needs and objectives and flesh out a project outline.

If you and I can scope out an issue, map out the steps and work out how best to work together then you could be no different to my other clients in terms of achieving the results you want.

And, if you were close enough to where I am based, we would hopefully meet so that I could understand your situation even more clearly.

Only at that point would I then propose my services, assuming this was the right course of action.

If you want to drop me a line and get the conversation started then please use the form below, or carry on to find out how I work with businesses that aren’t in my local area.